Start with a template

Send your form to managers, get responses, and build a history of requests.

Export, then import

Convert your form response data into a CSV or XLSX file and import it to Access Buddy.

See your dashboard

View your transformed data in a collection of software apps and request histories.

Manage your requests

Approve and reject requests in your database, and change access controls for an individual employee.

Quicker resolutions with Access Buddy

Using our app navigation lets you expedite the process of assigning and removing user software, because you know what every employee has licenses to. Plus, it’s a fully native application, and optimized for speed.

Fully encrypted, and locally stored

Security is the most important component of software. We provide encryption for all data stored locally on your device, which means it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to access your data without your permission.

Zero installation required

Access Buddy is dedicated to providing you with reliable information on behalf of your ticketing history. We won’t stop until you can feel confident handling access control information in an easy way.


Get Started Now

You can successfully mark your requests as completed, pending, or rejected. Access Buddy will store your status changes so the next time you launch your app up, it’s there.



Free license gets 10 rows of ticket data. A monthly subscription gives you the ability to import more data.


For businesses who want to keep their access request data in-house.


  • Includes:
  • Google/Microsoft Form Template
  • Approve and Reject Requests
  • Search Request History
  • Complete Software List
  • Individual Access by Employee
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Efficiency, security, simplicity, protection, empowerment

Experience the efficiency, security, and peace of mind that Access Buddy brings to your organization. Simplify your workflow, protect your sensitive information, and empower your workforce with seamless access management.