Yes, we offer a subscription discount for our first customers who can help us benefit from your feedback. We are looking for customers who can provide bug identification, usability improvements, feature enhancements, engagement, and overall satisfaction of the app.

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. At the end of your billing period, you will retain all the data that’s stored in Access Buddy, and retain modification control of that data, however, you will not be able to import any additional rows after your subscription has expired.

Access Buddy will benefit your organization by streamlining the process of managing access privileges. It simplifies request handling, ensures efficient onboarding and offboarding, protects sensitive information, and enhances security. Access Buddy improves operational efficiency, reduces administrative burden, and mitigates security risks for your business.

1.Build a comprehensive history of all access requests made within your organization by utilizing our provided Google Form or Microsoft Template. Share the form with managers who can fill out responses on the form.
2.Export the response data from the form in a CSV or XLSX file format. If you already have a ticket request system in place, you can export the data from that system as a CSV or XLSX format.
3.Import this data into Access Buddy, which transforms and organizes the access request history for easy viewing.
4.With Access Buddy, you can access various features such as viewing the complete collection of software requested in your organization, reviewing the request history of a specific employee, and examine the history of requests for each individual employee.
5.Manage the requests directly within the system by approving or rejecting them, allowing for efficient decision-making and tracking of requests in your database, all through the access request software.

Absolutely! Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless implementation of Access Buddy for your organization. We provide assistance with configuration, ensuring that the software is tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, if you have existing systems in place, we offer support for integrating Access Buddy with your current setup

Yes! It is possible to integrate Access Buddy with your existing user management systems or directory services. We put a priority on ensuring our integration aligns with your specific business requirements.

Access request management involves the evaluation and approval/rejection of access requests, from receipt to assessment. The access request manager, an IT expert, determines the request submission methods, verifies compliance with data policies, and grants or denies access accordingly.

Access Request Management (ARM) is a component of Identity and Access Management (IAM) that focuses on the process of evaluating and granting or denying access requests. ARM precedes IAM, as it handles the specific workflows involved in managing and approving user access to resources within an organization.